Sunday, May 14, 2006


They Shoot Mexicans?

Per Expose the LeftBob Schieffer on Face the BS, err, Nation this morning commenting to National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley on President Bush's reported plan to place National Guard troops on the border:

"SCHIEFFER: Let me shift quickly to another subject. The president’s going to make a speech on Monday on immigration. We are told—in fact, the lead story on the “CBS Evening News” and a couple of the other networks Friday, was that the administration has been considering plans to bring the National Guard into this, and to use the National Guard rather extensively. Now, a lot of people have a picture here, and I want to ask you about this: Are you planning to station armed National Guard troops on the border? I mean, I think a lot of people can see this picture of our National Guardsmen shooting Mexican immigrants as they’re coming across the border. Is that what’s about to happen here?

What a maroon.

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