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FOX News confirms: Bush to Nominate Hayden

Bush to critics, polls, democrats and RINO's and even Byron York:

Suck it up!, Hayden's my man!

Heh....can't wait for the hearings!

HINT: There will be an all out battle to derail General Hayden's nomination. Those who have their ass in a sling now are sweating bullets now that Goss has hit lead off and Hayden is coming in to hit cleanup.

By the time Hayden takes office (and make no mistake - he will), Queen Bee would have spilled all her honey and the then comes the slaughter of the rest of the hive (sorry - love the analogy).

Man! This is going to be great, a complete and utter cleaning house of the Agency.

A LONG time coming.

Play Ball!

UPDATE: Ask yourself a question. Why is Hoekstra and other Republicans as well as some Democrats finding Hayden's appointment more frightening?

It is interesting they are all quoting Kerry - "Wrong man, wrong time....blah, blah....wrong for America....blah.....blah....But other than that, they give NO substantive reason. They're scared and they ought to be. Over the last few years Rockefeller hasn't been the only "teller".

"There is ongoing tensions between this premier civilian intelligence agency and DOD as we speak," Hoekstra said.


UPDATE: Speaking of "tension", I've sent a bottle of "chill out" to the Neurotics over at National Review. Damn, this group has become the Hardy-Har-Hars of conservatism.

Cripes get a hold of yourselves. Everything is according to schedule.

Jed Babbin needs a little prozac as well..... sheesh.

Art of war my friends. Let your enemy think they have won.

UPDATE II: Little bit on Dusty folks. Goss refused to let him go because he knew that the "tip" was from "inner office". Dusty had nothing to do with the false scandal called "hookergate". Fact is that if hookers and poker were a scandal in Washington there would be very few people left in Government. Sad but true.

Hell Clinton like both cigars and "po-ker", but the press didn't bitch about it.

This is all a ruse. Dusty is a casuality, but it's not the end of the war.


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