Google News - So long as you agree with us liberals you can stay

If Google keep on acting the "ass", they could be heading for litigation as it has become clear that it's been censoring conservative news sites and taking them out of their so-called "news feeds".

Why litigation? Well I spoke with an civil attorney who specializes in that type of case and he said "Yes" Google could very well be sued for excusionary practices. No matter what your EULA states, it cannot violate freedom of speech laws and potential discriminatory actions.

That would be - for the Google defenders - judged by a jury.

They are especially in danger is a conservative news site is excluded and "minority owned"


This could catch fire. Something their stock doesn't want.

UPDATE: Google's past and present legal problems:

Sued for profiting from Child Porn.

As well as other trouble pending from Click Fraud. Like I said, a publically traded company's investors get real nervous when this kind of activity is taking place.

UPDATE II: Just a little clarification. Do I think the case - if any - against Google would fly...perhaps. As I said, the day Google began to become a publically traded company and not so much a "privately owned directory", changed everything. Google touts itself as a Free News Service, yet if they censor, the question is of course - are they really free?

I know of course that there are news services that are blantantly biased in their reporting such as Raw Story and The Huffington Post, neither of which is considered credible as a "News Source".

Whether anyone actually challenges them in court would be interesting to watch, but as it stands now just the bad press may be enough. After all who would want their logo to be remembered as:

UPDATE III: A little background into how Google does it.

Speaking of overt bias, I submit this to date unexplained and quite frankly childish sample of what happens when you search the term "liar" in Google. Before it returned Tony Blair as the first hit, it had President Bush (note that I and many others think Clinton would be a better choice - but I digress). The fact is there is nothing in the page construction that would allow that type of return unless an editor at Google "set it up" that way.

Case closed.