Haditha - If you want facts the MSM and Murtha are the last place to go

As we know, something happened in Haditha, just what is purely a matter of specuation. I repeat, purely specuation. No one - not Time Magazine, MSNBC or cut and run Murtha, knows what went on there other than what they have picked up from certain sources, witnesses, etc. Murtha knows next to nothing.

It's a good thing we most often don't get the truth from the news. We get the hysteria, the hype, and in some cases faked news outright lies.

But watching the news tonight it's clear the MSM has the same script it's had for the last few years. Like, "Coverup to the very top", with the slow, but steady drumbeat to fire Rumsfeld. If this is proved to be correct get ready for the already beginning mantra of My Lai — Iraq — Vietnam, etc.

However, talking with REAL sources, apparently what happened is bad, but not as what the MSM is protraying (no duh there), but that doesn't clear the Marine unit involved either. Word is that the investigation has NOT completed, but that it looks like there will be disciplinary action taken.

As to the "all the way to the top!", The command of the unit in question appears to have been commanded by a first line supervisor, who is being defended by Bush critic and Iraq war vet and failed politician Paul Hackett (nuff said).

In other words if true this was a single unit under a single leader with a god complex.

Again, the last source to believe on anything is the MSM which over the course of the last few years has had it's share of false reports. Let's also not forget how they ran with the bogus Jessie MacBeth story.

But there are so many questions that we're going to have to wait. But again as in Abu Grab (as in any war) there are many such incidents in war. The important fact to always remember that these are ISOLATED incidents and not indicative of the 100,000 plus soldiers who do the job right.

As I said before, if the allegations are true, then let justice prevail, but we'll have to wait.

UPDATE: Good read from Thomas Owens at NRO. Echos my thoughts exactly.