More Glass Houses


How about the UN "heal" itself here?

Is pedophilia an "abuse"? How about rape?

Is Kofi still depressed enough to resign his corupt ass?

Seems the UN needs to look the mirror. Remember when you point a finger three more are pointing back at the REAL problem.

UPDATE: Cellblock Rock? Seems some of the guards had to do their job and prevent a detainee from doing himself in. Yep, ain't timing grand?

MSM will no doubt play up the UN story as it has NOTHING to do with it. In any detainment facility (I worked Leavenworth for a stint), suicide attempts (and successes) happen occassionally. When you intervene as a guard in such an event you do what you can with as many guys and gals as you can to stop the self-assault.

More at Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: Sucide attemped was staged.