NSA - Reality - ain't it a bitch!

Mark Steyn's article on the NSA program tells it like it is:

To connect the dots, you have to see the dots.

It's a great read, not only because Mark is such a great writer - but because it is the truth. It's the truth because since 9/11 and the tools we have now we have been able to "connect the dots".

The fact is that there is one fact that not even 'Chia Biden' can spin - we have not been attacked in any way since 9/11.

Think about it. It's indisputable.

It has been estimated by just a conservative estimate by a friend who told me that hundreds of potential threats in the last five years have been twarted simply because of the tools they have to work with.

Now ask yourself, "How hard it it to walk on a bus in say, Fort Lauderdale Florida, with a bomb in your napsack?' The answer, Not hard at all. How hard it is to plant a device at a shopping mall? Again, not hard at all.

Yet since 9/11 those types of attack - attacks which have happened in Spain, France, England - have NOT happened here.

Folks that is phenomenal. In a free and society such as ours there is absolutely no explaination for the lack of attacks in this country EXCEPT for the fact that the tools we have put in place since 9/11 have worked. Pure and simple they have worked.

The left can go on all it wants about "privacy" but the fact is that they cannot produce ONE concrete case where anyone's privacy has been specifically violated, and again, they can't argue with the success he's had in thwarting attack.

For all the talk about Bush breaking laws and the Constitution the answer is if that is so - then so did every President going back to George Washington.

But none so much as Franklin D. Roosevelt. The so called "Great Democrat" went fartherin expanding the powers of Government than any President in history, going so far, during WWII as to locking up American citizens just because of the color of their skin - in fact, over 100,000 of them, which was a blantent violation of the Constitution and of their rights as citizens. Nothing in the Bush administration or even previous administrations even comes close.

Yet this isn't "my president is better than yours", but just to illustrate that throughout our very short history our leaders have done what they felt they had to do to provide security for a free Nation.

Quite frankly that's why I'm on the record as predicting that the Democrats are going to lose huge in November precisely because no American likes a whiner.

Democrats have no plan, no focus, no goal. Make no mistake, when Howard Dean goes on the 700 Club to tell America that Democrats oppose gay marriage you know they have nothing to offer and that they are a party in disarray.

Yet they do have one plan. It's the one they launched in the Spring of 2001, just after George W. Bush won the election. The plan to stall, thwart and obstruct, which is all they have done for the country over the last five years. Yet their plan was a drop in the bucket in comparison to another plan dreamed up in the living room of two liberal PACS, and a certain group of Democratic Chairman familiar to us all.

The plan: To lurk and find a way to impeach President George W. Bush if for nothing else but revenge.