The Passive "Smoking Gun".

Wait until this gets a little more coverage.

"It turns out that three major anti-smoking organizations - the American Cancer Society, the International Union Against Cancer, and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids - urged anti-smoking groups to increase the emotional appeal of the secondhand smoke health hazard message by communicating to the public that secondhand smoke can virtually instantly cause hardening of the arteries and heart disease (a point which is clinically impossible - since it takes years for atherosclerosis and heart disease to develop)."

Can you say major litigation coming by business owners who were forced to follow no smoking laws because of "voodoo science"?

Mayor Bloomberg - ya listening bro?

I'm not a smoker - rather I'm an ex smoker, and I hate the stink of the "evil weed", but the factd is that the "second hand smoke" junk science is simply that - junk. Now we see that their was a conspiracy to defraud the public and the courts in order to get their "get that freaking smoke out of my face" agenda across.