Plame Game - Clarification

There has been a lot of wild speculation about who Fitzgerald is going to nail next. The far left is stuck on Rove, and today this from Steve Clemons of the Washington Note:

"What Admiral Inman shared with some of us -- and this was a repeated assertion from comments that I have confirmed that he made in Austin -- is that the person in Patrick Fitzgerald's bull's eye is Richard Armitage.

I have written about Armitage many times in the past and hope that this rumor is incorrect.

But I do believe that Armitage was possibly a key source for Dana Priest and Mike Allen early in the Plame outing story and wrote such in November 2005. I don't have more information on whether Armitage was Novak's source or not -- and what legal consequences there might be, if any, if that was the case. I always assumed that Armitage was cooperating closely with Fitzgerald and would not be in any legal jeopardy."

I'll talk about Inman later, but let's remember something. The leak investigation into whether or not Valerie Plame was covert and therefore outed was completed in 2004, and the result in October 2005 was that she was not - otherwise Fitzgerald would have referred charges then. He did not, because she was not.

Therefore all this speculation about Rove or Armitage getting nailed for "leaking" her name is total nonsense.

If Armitage or Rove or Captain Kangaroo is indicted for anything it would fall along the same charges as Libby, and Libby was not charged with leaking.