Plame Game - Now a word from the Lunatic of the Left

I hate to give this lying SOB any linkage at all, but from the horse's mouth (the real horse), it's BS.

Rove is still very active and busy.

"Southern lawmakers met with White House strategist Karl Rove earlier in the week for a discussion that included making greater use of National Guard troops to shore up border control. And on Capitol Hill, the Senate is poised to pass legislation this month that would call for additional border security, a new guest worker program and provisions opening the way to eventual citizenship for many of the estimated 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants in the country."

Sweetness and Light with more on this nutcase

UPDATE I: Byron York:

"The report came out of the blue on Saturday. Jason Leopold, who has written a memoir, entitled News Junkie, in which, according to the book's promotional material, he portrays himself as a writer "whose addictive tendencies led him from a life of drug abuse and petty crime to become an award-winning investigative journalist," has written wildly unreliable reports about the CIA leak affair before. But still, reporters of every stripe felt they had to check this one out.

So did I. I talked with Rove defense spokesman Mark Corallo, who told me the story was completely baseless. Part of our conversation:

Did Patrick Fitzgerald come to Patton Boggs for 15 hours Friday?

Did he come to Patton Boggs for any period of time Friday?

Did he meet anywhere else with Karl Rove's representatives?

Did he communicate in any way with Karl Rove's representatives?

Did he inform Rove or Rove's representatives that Rove had been indicted?

There you have it - Leopold is a lying sack of crap.

UPDATE: Per Clarice at American Thinker, The Good Ship Fitzgerald is Listing.

UPDATE II: Karl Rove: "We're in a sour time -- I readily admit it' but says of GOP: 'We're going to be just fine in the fall elections..."

Bang of a Summer!