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Rockefeller did you "teller?"- XXI- When VIPS attack!

You know that the traitorous rogues are getting desperate when they go on the road to attack the Secretary of Defense.

Ray McGovern is one such traitor.

McGovern showed his anti-semitic ass in Atlanta today to go toe-to-toe with Rumsfeld and got said ass handed to him in spades. McGovern came off as half cocked and ready for the mothership Cindy Sheehan, while Rumsfeld held his cool spoke eloquently and basically handled him with more dignity than he could ever deserve. Basically a class act. Something these dupes will never possess.

McGovern, like most of these idiots of the antiwar left they all read from the "Bush lied, people died" script which as we begin to get more and more of the picture from new evidence reference to Saddam's documents, is being shown to be nothing more than rabid imagination.

Funny thing is how all three major evening newscast reported McGovern as simply an "ex-CIA analysts, without explaining that he is also the leader of the leftist group Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), that was formed conveniently in 2003 after being funded by George Soros, simply to perform a bloodless coup on the present Administration.

Of course it didn't work. Since Bush handily won the 2004 election they continued on their baseless rants about "cooked" intel". This is the same group that has ex-op Larry C. Johnson who couldn't see (or didn't want to see) 9/11 for the towers.

Fact is that Mary Loose Lips is singing and singing loudly and that has these cats worried because not only was she Dana Priest's tipster, but leaked it up pretty with this group too. I told you that this would happen and it's going to get even more crazy as their house of cards comes down on their nappy little heads.

And make no mistake, like the rabid dogs they are they won't go without a fight.

Yet it is a fight that they will loose, because their plan is falling apart faster a '85 Toyota breaking the Sound Barrior.

Bang of a Summer - Yup!

Video at Expose the Left. Also Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: Rumsfeld to McGovern: "why do think the troops wore chemical suits - because they liked the style?"


UPDATE II: George of the Sexion blog comments, "That's funny seeing as how Rumsfeld was simply repeating what the CIA had been told by Saddam Hussein's foreign minister, Naji Sabri, in September 2002." Read the rest here.

Rick Moran - Ought to reconsider Sexion's point. It's not a lie if that is what you were told. It's also not exactly a "slam dunk" on the "No WMD were there" mantra. That puzzle of where they went is yet to be fully told, which is why the Administration is sticking to it's 'guns'.

Like I said - Bang of a Summer coming folks!

UPDATE: More reading on Ray and VIPS hereand here.


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