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Rockefeller did you "teller?"- XXIV - Coming Final Act

My, my, those Saddam documents, revealing more and more all the time.

"The US Senate is looking into allegations that a former US senator urged Baghdad to give a US company lucrative contracts under the much-criticised United Nations oil-for-food programme.

This is the first time that a leading US lawmaker has been linked to the controversial UN programme, whose shortcomings have been an important element of the Bush administration's critique of the UN.....d

The investigation involves one of the most vivid figures in US east coast politics, former senator Robert Torricelli, a New Jersey Democrat who was forced to pull out of the 2002 election after being "severely admonished" by the Senate ethics committee for accepting expensive gifts from David Chang, a campaign contributor. Mr Chang, a Korean-American businessman, was found guilty in 2002 of conspiring to violate federal campaign laws and was jailed for 15 months.

Senator Norm Coleman, the Republican chairman of the US Senate permanent sub-committee on investigations, said: "We take these allegations seriously and will continue to investigate in a bipartisan manner allegations of wrongdoing under the oil-for-food programme. We have investigated the illicit conduct of politicians in Russia, France, and the UK. We have a similar interest in preserving the institutional integrity of the US Senate, so we take these allegations regarding former Senator Torricelli seriously and will continue our investigation into them and will refer our findings to the appropriate agencies." The British, French and Russian politicians investigated by the subcommittee deny the allegations.

The allegations are based on Iraqi documents, including diplomatic cables, retrieved after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq's former president. The Financial Times and Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian business daily, have obtained copies of some of the Iraqi diplomatic cables. A source also described the contents of some of the other Iraqi documents."

If this is pursued it is going to be exposive and backs up my position that the Democrat's planned opposition to the the Iraq war was based solely on the reason that Bush was about to kill the Golden Goose.

The Oil for Food Scandal is key to understanding what reallly took place, and until now there was no definitive link, but the documents continue to give us more and more background.

Other Democrats who by admission visited the region in 2002 and especially Wilson's junket, and the the rogues of the CIA efforts to discredit the war couldn't be more clear.

In true crime and treason, it is usually fuled by the ancient motive - Money.

Flopping Aces with some workup on Torricelli. I'll have more as the day progresses.


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I guess they might have this story mixed up with the "planted question" to Sec. Rumsfeld back in December 2004.

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