Say no to the Chicken and Wine!

In line with the boycott today of "Everything Gringo", here is a real way to send a message to those who support illegal immigrants and harm the security of the United States. The following companies are participating in the boycott (saying in effect screw you). by closing today and allowing their employees the day off to "allow" them to protest our legal immigration laws. Thus they have shown which side of the argument they are on.

Perdue Farms contact
Gallo Wines in Sonoma, Calif. contact
Tyson Foods Inc. (contact contact

Therefore, I will refuse to buy their products until they show that they support and defend the laws of the United States. If you feel today's socialist May Day and the bastardization of our National Anthem is an absolute travesty, then you should too. If you have any other companies to add to the list let me know and I'll add them. I hope other bloggers will join in the call

By the way, Michelle Malkin notes the country is still standing.