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Trouble at Polipundit

Here is what happens when you take your blogging too damn seriously. Some hypocrisy here when over the last few years one creams the WAPO and the NY Times for totalitarian editors and then when you get a few hits on the ole blogometer you become one yourself.

Here's your Hiel Poli!

Polipundit has been a fave of mine for a while, but the main blogger "Poli" has been having a meltdown - build a wall - shoot the mexicans - as have others of the "out of mainstream" far - build a wall - shoot the mexicans - Right over this immigration issue have been.

But when you have a group blog and you essentially fire your 'staff' because they make you look foolish (which from what I read of Poli's recent statements is a fair assessment).

Fact is that these are the kind of people in our party that will have us all saluting Hillary in January 2007. These "my way or the highway", "can't see the forest for my getting my point to be everyone else's point" stuck in the mud "conservative impersonators".

You know a leadership principle that has never failed is that "You are only as good as your people". Another, "When you're green you grow, when you're ripe, it' not long before you get rotten".

Polipundit has a stink about it. The same that is whiffing out from Michelle Malkin, National Review and other "build a wall - shoot the Mexicans" people.

Meanwhile one of the most prolific writers - and quite frankly the reason it's readership soared - the one and only Lori Byrd has her own blog, Byrd Droppings, and it will be my newest link. Be sure to check her out.

As for Poli - sign off dude, take us a vacation.

UPDATE: Per BP in comments:

Mac, love your work but do not smear Michelle Malkin or the rest of us at Hot Air as "shoot the Mexicans" kind of people. That's beneath you. Show one post on her site or Hot Air, or any evidence at all, that she or we have advocated anything like that. It's rhetoric such as yours that really is causing a schism in the GOP.

Build a wall? You betcha. The porous border is a major national security hole that needs to be patched. Enforce the law? Again, youbetcha. Stop the inflow of illegals? Yup. But not by "shooting the Mexicans." By...building a wall/fence and enforcing the law.

Why is this so hard for so many otherwise intelligent people to understand? And why do so many--like you--resort to smears so quickly? As I said, it's beneath you and does no one any good."

Read my response in the comments. Basically, my take and being voiced with a lot of conservative people I talked to today we have some spoiled brats in the party and they are in the minority, and getting rather annoying. The fact is that the overwhelming amount of emails I have received today (about 400), have been in agreement that the President has at least begun something to fix the situation - which is more than anyone else has done in the last 30 years.

Again, MM and others like her are in the minority. Like I said in the comments, "If the shoe fits". Sorry, but the attitude I see, clothed in "concern over borders", stinks of exclusionist philosophy, and yes of racism. Most of it is directly derogatory language towards hispanics (El-Presidente, etc), and quite frankly I find unacceptable - thus the "shoot mexicans" lable stands.

This problem is over 50 years in the making, but it's not going to get fixed by hiding in our closets with shotguns fearful of the "hoard".

Nuff said.

UPDATE: Per CNN - "79 percent of those who watched had a very favorable or favorable view of the speech, and those who support the president's policies rose in number from 42 to 67 percent".

Dick Morris called it a "Great Speech".

It's a plan people, let's see how it gets worked out.

UPDATE: For background on where some of Bush's opponents are coming from read Harold C. Hutchison's post at his blog Called as Seen Blogspot.

UPDATE: You know that when Polipundit begins supporting Ben Nelson (D-NE) for reelection, it proves my point. Standing on principals is one thing. Taking your ball and going home because you didn't win is an entirely different thing.

Yep - full fledged BDS (Border Derangement Syndrome) going on his folks.


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