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When the Bubble Pops

Come November 3rd this year, Democrats are going to wake up and feel rather, er "slighted".

That will be because of gaining seats in the house and senate, they most likely - no they will - lose a few.

Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed a racheting up (if that is possible) of the Democratic/MSM juggernaut's onslaught on the Administration in almost a desperate kind of way. Rehashed stories such as Abu Grab, NSA, Plame Leak, etc, etc, will be rehashed yet again and again throughout the Summer. The MSM is breathlessly awaiting the coming Hurricane Season hoping for death (10,000 body bags) and destruction (New York? Miami?), or even Bird Flu. It won't matter if it's a small disaster or not, they only have to fill in the prearranged scripts they have prepared.

1. Bush Sucks.

2. Death, destruction, mayhem.

3. Bush Sucks.

Yet even with all this, there are indications that most of the American people don't exactly want the Democrats to take the helm of congress. In fact just here in Broward County Florida talking with just a few Democratic friends - who while not particulary enamoured with Bush, think what they have on their side isn't anything to write home about either.

This got me thinking. What if the MSM isn't reporting the news but trying to form a picture of trouble to discourage Republicans from going to the polls and Democrat to flood them. I know that's already the belief of most of us. However, after watching the absolute disbelief of Democrats after the 2004 election - where it wasn't even close - showed that the picture the MSM and the Democrats and all the left wing websites had painted were way off.

The point is that I believe and it's starting to show that the American people by and large will still support the Republican's next election and even into the 2008 Presidential election. Why? Primarily the rabid left is in decline and not in near enough numbers to effect any election. Secondly they have no "star". Even Hillary's so-called star is fading. Not to mention when you have Cindy Sheehan as your antiwar poster child it doesn't sit well with middle America - no way, no how.

Fact is that this country isn't as divided as the MSM and the DNC war machine would have us believe.

Yeah I know the polls don't look so hot, but then the methodology of polls is largely questionable and it has been exposed over and over again that they are intended to make news, not show what people believe. Remember when polls showed Bush going fishing on November 3rd, because no President had gotten reelected with approval numbers less than 50% and yet Bush's hovered between 48 and 50 percent throughout 2004. So much for polls.

Besides he isn't running again and polls don't mean flip if your term limited. As for the polls showing Democrats leading in Congress, that figure has declined now from 13 percent to 7 percent in less than two months. Fact is that the Democrats are in bigger trouble and all their insult hurling and criticizing are beginning to get old to the average American. It's like, "You keep bitching, but what plan do YOU have?" Fact is that they have no plan for anything - except to make Bush's life miserable.

Hell they're even calling sex a crime now.

It's like having cranky old aunt Ethel living with you complaining about the air conditioner, the weather, the fly on the wall, the coffee is too cold. Yeah, bitching and pitching, moaning and groaning, but never coming up with any viable solutions for anything - and the American people know it.

It's a long time before November and as I promised the Bang of the Summer has begun. So if you are discouraged, don't be, things are not what they appear and in fact are much better than they are being reported.


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