General Hayden: Batter up at the CIA

I told you here that in baseball terminology Goss hit leadoff, now General Hayden is coming in to hit cleanup. Today, Jack Kelly of Irish Pennants blog writes in an article in Real Clear Politics:

"Since the spring of 2003, President Bush has been playing defense against the political fallout generated by intelligence leaks. The Hayden nomination may be the start of a long planned counter-offensive."

It is Jack, it is and yes it's been LONG planned.

I've told you it's going to be a Bang of a Summer all along. That long awaited offensive has already begun. Again, Mary Loose Lips wasn't just an "also ran" who got caught. She was the Queen Bee of a system of leakers throughout the Agency. Many of those leakers left under Goss over the last few years. Of course in every case the MSM tried to paint Goss as the bad guy - of course they did - they were getting a lot of printable anti-administration leaks from these malcontents.

In fact is was one of them - who was about to get a ticket to slammerville that 'outed' McCarthy. The return volley swallowed up Dusty. Hey, war is hell.

Don't let the naysayers distract you. Again, if FDR did it and other presidents did it, them domestic survelliance whether you believe it or not, or like it or not (totally irrevelant) has a precedent and thus - NOT illegal.

Nuff said.

Again, Goss did what he came to do, and I can't wait for the upcoming confirmation hearing and watch the Democrats and Democrat clones like Magic Bullet Spector make asses out of themselves (vis: Alito). By the end of summer the political fortunes will be completely different than you see now - by a long shot.