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NSA - Leaking in the USA Today

Just when I was about to go off on this new "leak", AJ Strata and Rick Moran beat me to it.

Again, not new (see below). Even thought the USA Today erroneously reports that the program started after 9/11.

More updates to come. And yes I agree with AJ, this is a bow-shot at the Hayden nomination. Won't work.

Except that this seven year old article mentions Echelon.....

Able Danger Echelon? See Able Danger Blog for more.


UPDATE: Again, I just can't get enough of this article from American Spectator:

"In 1937 and 1939, the Supreme Court handed down a pair of decisions in the matter of Nardone v. United States. The Court held that the Communications Act of 1934 barred federal surveillance of telephone lines, and that evidence obtained from such surveillance couldn't be introduced at trial.

In response, Attorney General (and future Supreme Court justice) Robert Jackson ended the FBI's longstanding surveillance of suspected saboteurs and spies. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover protested this decision. In an April 13, 1940 memorandum to Jackson, Hoover outlined a number of pending investigations that were hampered by Jackson's decision. Hoover concluded, "Frankly, the Bureau cannot cope with this problem without the use of wire taps and I feel obligated to bring this situation to your attention at the present time rather than to wait until a national catastrophe focuses the spotlight of public indignation upon the Department because of its failure to prevent a serious occurrence."

By the way....a bit of bad news though for the sources of the USA Today article, per a tip, your identities are known to those who care.


UPDATE II: On above. I have an source email which details where the leak on the story originated. This particular leak is directly tied into the the denial of security clearances covered in this story, which broke last night.

Simple: Retaliation.

More to come.

UPDATE III: Arlen if he didn't know.

UPDATE IV: Folks, this was a set up and the MSM is taking the bait. It's what you have to do to catch leakers.

UPDATE V: The President responds.

" "Our intelligence activities strictly target al-Qaida and their knwon affiliates," Bush said. "We're not mining or trolling through the private lives of innocent Americans."

Bush said any domestic intelligence-gathering measures he's approved are "lawful," and he says "appropriate" members of Congress have been briefed."

Including Arlen Spector.

UPDATE VI: The people at Group Intel remind us that private data companies have much more than this program collects. Perspective people - it's important.

Story is a dead issue.

UPDATE VII: Be sure to check out Stop the ACLU with more links and commentary.

Let's also not forget as this article from American Thinker shows that while the MSM and the left count the United States as the enemy, all while the real danger lurks across the sea. Lest we forget.

UPDATE VIII: Like I said above, this story isn't news. Tim Graham again gives us the background, and notes:

"MRC’s Rich Noyes wondered: “Given that another government agency — the IRS — maintains information on American citizens’ employment, banking, investments, mortgages, charitable contributions and even any declared medical expenses, this hardly seems like a major assault on personal liberty.” Ooh! Shocking new report! The IRS has a database with your personal information in it! That story is just waiting to be discovered."

Further: Did they forget to report that we've known for over a year that our cell phone records are available for a buck or two?. Follow this Google search for more.


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