Apple-Mush: Tale of the "Crash" Book

This has nothing to do with conservatism or politics, but it's my blog and since I do get a "little traffic", I'm going to use it to rant a little about something personal.

Specifically against Apple Computer and their brand new spanking "Macbook", which I bought and which is a piece of crap. It is now in repair for a problem that I had to show them (Core Duo processor is flawed), and for two days it still sits in a Apple Store waiting to be shipped to repair. It's amazing that companies such as Apple boast hugh numbers in profit, yet sells amazingly sloppy hardware and even sloppier service, and such a "screw them" attitude.

All right Apple - Screw you!

If you own one or are thinking of buying one see see here. Then "Don't buy" until Apple changes their i-Tune.

Rant off.