Sunday, July 09, 2006


The Crawford Kid hasn't begun to give up the fight

Fourty years ago, Time Magazine delcared "God is Dead". Well they were wrong. Now Time magazine says the Crawford Kid has been de-spurred, the "Bush Doctrine is over!"....

Well again they are wrong, for the Times UK, tells us that is far from the case:

"PROGRAMME of covert action against nuclear and missile traffic to North Korea and Iran is to be intensified after last week’s missile tests by the North Korean regime. Intelligence agencies, navies and air forces from at least 13 nations are quietly co-operating in a “secret war” against Pyongyang and Tehran.

It has so far involved interceptions of North Korean ships at sea, US agents prowling the waterfronts in Taiwan, multinational naval and air surveillance missions out of Singapore, investigators poring over the books of dubious banks in the former Portuguese colony of Macau and a fleet of planes and ships eavesdropping on the “hermit kingdom” in the waters north of Japan.

Few details filter out from western officials about the programme, which has operated since 2003, or about the American financial sanctions that accompany it.

But together they have tightened a noose around Kim Jong-il’s bankrupt, hungry nation.

“Diplomacy alone has not worked, military action is not on the table and so you’ll see a persistent increase in this kind of pressure,” said a senior western official."

And who do you think hatched this plan?

"In a telling example of the programme’s success, two Bush administration officials indicated last year that it had blocked North Korea from obtaining equipment used to make missile propellant.

The Americans also persuaded China to stop the sale of chemicals for North Korea’s nuclear weapons scientists. And a shipload of “precursor chemicals” for weapons was seized in Taiwan before it could reach a North Korean port.

According to John Bolton, the US ambassador to the United Nations and the man who originally devised the programme, it has made a serious dent in North Korea’s revenues from ballistic missile sales.

But the success of Bolton’s brainchild, the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), whose stated aim is to stop the traffic in weapons of mass destruction, might also push North Korea into extreme reactions.

Britain is a core member of the initiative, which was announced by President George W Bush in Krakow, Poland, on May 31, 2003. British officials have since joined meetings of “operational experts” in Australia, Europe and the US, while the Royal Navy has contributed ships to PSI exercises. The participants include Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Spain and Singapore, among others.

There has been almost no public debate in the countries committed to military involvement. A report for the US Congress said it had “no international secretariat, no offices in federal agencies established to support it, no database or reports of successes and failures and no established funding”.

To Bolton and senior British officials, those vague qualities make it politically attractive."

Seems the Crawford Kid is far from finished. If I read the tea leaves this plan is brillant. For while Time Magazine thinks Bush hung up his spurs, the fact is that another approach has been underway (with several other nations no less), since 2003. (Gee, you mean no one leaked this story to them?).

Nevertheless, this plan is brilliant. It means that Kim's hissy fit last week when he popped his rocks before they were ready shows that he is becoming increasingly unstable, and despite Madam Albright, he really is a nut that is about to fully crack. When he does we will have the backup and the coalition to take him out militarily. We have got to be feeling a little bit more confident about how easy it would be, since Kim has shown his hand and he really has nothing to fight with. In effect he shot off his missiles to make a sale, and well, it was like a used car salesman kicking the tires and the car fell apart. He's a loser, and we have been and will continue to deal with him.

Once again, the MSM shows ineptness and cluelessness, but even more evident is that when it comes to the Crawford Kid, they never stop misunderestimating him. I love it!

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