Friday, July 07, 2006


Gallup Poll on Iraq - Not good news for Democrats

Poll's "smolls", but this one is interesting. Gallup has released a poll where repondents could pick their own responses over pre-determined ones. The subject, "Where should the US go now in regards to Iraq":

Pull the troops out and come home - 31
Stay the course/Doing a good job - 16
Train Iraqis to run own country - 15
Be aggressive/Finish what we started - 13
Come up with an exit strategy - 10
Make a gradual withdrawal - 8
Send more troops/Build up military presence - 2
Work with advisers/Act on advice - 2
Work with the United Nations - 2
Admit we made a mistake/Apologize
and move forward - 2
Keep the public informed/Explain what is
going on - 1
Other - 4
No opinion - 8

What's interesting about this report per Gallup is:

"PRINCETON, NJ -- The American public has no more of a definitive conception of what the United States should do next in regard to the situation in Iraq than do their elected representatives. In recent weeks, the Senate and the House have debated resolutions that would mandate specific policies for dealing with Iraq, resulting in little more than a reinforcement of the view that the lawmakers have sharply differing views on what should be done. This is occurring in an environment in which Iraq is considered by Americans to be the most important problem facing the country, and the number one priority for the government to address at this point."

According to Gallup American's want a pullout, we all do eventually, but not immediate, and more want us to stay and complete the job over setting a time-table (Murtha). Even less want to turn things over to the thugs at the UN. Moreover, while they seem "split" about what to do, they understand the Bush plan better than the Democratic plan for what to do from here. Thus after all the effort of Dems to promote their plan, they still seem incoherant. While they'll attempt to use the data to support their position, the over all result is good news for them in November.

h/t to Byron York at NRO.

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