Friday, July 21, 2006


Just Ain't Right to Be White!

John at Per the ACLU has the details.

But this is what we have borne in this country with the "touchy feely/politcally correct" religion liberalism has given us. Look around and you will find it's simply not "cool" to be a caucasion, thus white kids from tOhio dress as black rappers and call each other "dog". Btw.....Don't get me started on Rap, which is Crap without the "C" for the most part. Nothing "racist" or "insensitive" meant, the stuff sucks.

I digress. But in a country that screams about "diversity", realize that rule doesn't apply if you are white and especially "Christian" and "White".

Think of "Calypso Louie" getting a pass on his hatred of whites and you get the point. Who's the "minority" now?

In essence in "modern day american" If you're white you ain't right.

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