Saturday, July 08, 2006


Who leaked the NY tunnel plot?

While we're all glad the plot to bomb NYC's Holland tunnel, the real question is who leaked the eight month old (and not yet completed) investigation to the press?

Per an email tip from a reader, Colonel Randall Larsen, USAF (Ret), who according to his bio: "served for three years as the founding director of the Institute for Homeland Security and two years as the chairman of the Department of Military Strategy and Operations at the National War College", expressed on FNC during an interview this after, who he believed put up the tip:

Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Hillary Clinton. For what reason? As Larsen put it was a recoup the recent cut of 9/11 funding.

I'm looking for the transcript of that now. That said of course we have no evidence of this, but if proved true it would blockbuster. Neither enjoy any so-called protection under the first admendment and if found guilty of leaking could be censured or removed from office.

Again, I have no word on that, but I am suspcious whenever Schumer gives a pat on the back to our intelligence:

""This is one instance where intelligence was on top of its game and discovered the plot when it was just in the talking phase." Whatever Schumer. You know if Schumer did leak, it wouldn't be the first time he was suspected of that.

One thing I do know from the few people I could talk to today that there was a leak and the FBI had to pull the wire way before the time it had to. This specfic plot was in genesis and months away from any type of completion. Additionally, the bureau is actvily looking for whoever provided the leak to the Times and who is continuing to leak ongoing investigations and programs.

For those morons who desire leaks, know that leaking isn't a game folks. It puts our agents and operatives in harms way and pulling the plug before it's time to do so can jepardize the convictions of those we catch. Additionally many investigations are tied to others and when you cut one tie, you may lose the others.

AJ Strata covered this well, and it looks like this by the American Spector was right on that dislosure of the SWIFT program has had similiar effects on other such cases.

Put it this way. Some of the field agents I've talked to are taking this "personal", that's not good news for the leakers when they catch them. Not good news at all.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin on more bad news for the Times.

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