Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The Clinton Factor

This is the event to watch....

"WATERBURY, Conn., July 24 -- Former president Bill Clinton joined a stage full of Connecticut officials Monday night in testifying to the Democratic credentials of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, whose 18-year tenure is threatened by the primary challenge of antiwar insurgent Ned Lamont.

Clinton headed a rescue effort disguised as a rally in the refurbished Palace Theater in downtown Waterbury -- a city famous in Democratic lore as the site of a tumultuous 2 a.m. outdoor rally on the final night of the 1960 presidential campaign.

With polls showing him no better than even with Lamont, a wealthy businessman who is largely self-financing his challenge in the Aug. 8 primary, Lieberman turned to his old friend Clinton for help.

The senator recalled that, as a Yale Law School student, Clinton had volunteered in Lieberman's first campaign for the state Senate 36 years ago, and he said he hoped this return visit would have an equally happy result -- a victory. The two have remained close through the years, despite the fact that Lieberman admonished Clinton for his moral laxity in the Monica Lewinsky affair in a celebrated Senate floor speech. Lieberman made no reference to that event Monday night but instead recalled, "I was the first senator outside Arkansas to endorse Bill Clinton for the nomination in 1992."

Lieberman did not mention Iraq or his support for the war, and Clinton touched only lightly on what he referred to as "the pink elephant in the room."

Clinton made no effort to support Lieberman's view; instead he said that Democrats should bear no blame for "the mistakes that were made after the fall of Saddam Hussein" and added: "We can disagree on what we do next . . . but we can fight together and we can go forward together."

The former president was kind to Lamont. "I have nothing against Joe's opponent," he said. "He has a right to run."

Ok, so why is it so fun to watch? Because the rabid "uber-left" like the Kos Kids are supporting Lamont - if for no other reason except he reminds them of Howard Dean. This lefty site muses on "Why Bill?", this being the most humorous:

"Hillary is afraid that if the marauding left is successful at defeating Lieberman, she’ll get caught in the anti-war wake so she dispatched Bill. Stemming the tide of the radical left (60% of the country) who are dissatisfied with the war is more important to the stand-for-nothings centrists than any animosity they might feel toward Lieberman for killing HillaryCare or siding with the GOP in their humiliating impeachment hijinks in the 90s (refresh your memory with YouTube above). (Colin McEnroe and Lowell Weicker favor this one, as does Maxine Waters)"

Yeah, fuzzy math, revisionist history and Maxine Waters.....yeah.. that's it

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