Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Tuesday Morning Comics with Dana Priest

Our modern day Mata Hari (although I doubt she dances very well), Dana Priest - (leak writer extrordinaire) - spins:

"Five years after the attacks on the United States, the Bush administration faces the prospect of reworking key elements of its anti-terrorism effort in light of challenges from the courts, Congress and European allies crucial to counterterrorism operations."

Yah Dana, way too modest and let's not forget a half a dozen programs you exposed that not only leaked out our terror fighing tactics, but seriously compromised our National Security all at the same time.

Not bad Priest, you're husband must be proud!

I'll save you the read - she's taking up space to brag about all her "work" and how much damage she thinks she has wrought, you know, so she can remind us because actually NO one is paying attention - especially the President. Life got you down Mata? Not getting any respect?

Of course Priest is jumping on the "Bush is Neutered" bandwagon started by Time Magazine this week, which has been debunked here. Fact is that none of her treason has really stopped a thing in regards to the work needed to keep this country safe, inspite of the actions of a few who because of her and other's flaming BDS would actually perfer to see it otherwise.

I'm surprised she is talking at all with her old mole Mary McCarthy singing up a storm to investigators.

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