Thursday, July 20, 2006


Washington Post sipping that RINO Kool-Aid

The Washington Post brings out their "GOP vs Bush" club again, saying:

"Faced with almost daily reports of sectarian carnage in Iraq, congressional Republicans are shifting their message on the war from speaking optimistically of progress to acknowledging the difficulty of the mission and pointing up mistakes in planning and execution.

Rep. Christopher Shays (Conn.) is using his House Government Reform subcommittee on national security to vent criticism of the White House's war strategy and new estimates of the monetary cost of the war. Rep. Gil Gutknecht (Minn.), once a strong supporter of the war, returned from Iraq this week declaring that conditions in Baghdad were far worse "than we'd been led to believe" and urging that troop withdrawals begin immediately."

Ok, you begin the story by quoting RINOS - and rabid RINOS at that. Lost me. Fact is a few RINO quotes doesn't equal mass defections.

But I think that the writers of this tripe know that so they continue with "bloviating".....

"Rank-and file Republicans who once adamantly backed the administration on the war are moving to a two-stage new message, according to some lawmakers. First, Republicans are making it clear to constituents they do not agree with every decision the president has made on Iraq. Then they boil the argument down to two choices: staying and fighting or conceding defeat to a vicious enemy.

The shift is subtle, but Republican lawmakers acknowledge that it is no longer tenable to say the news media are ignoring the good news in Iraq and painting an unfair picture of the war. In the first half of this year, 4,338 Iraqi civilians died violent deaths, according to a new report by the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq. Last month alone, 3,149 civilians were killed -- an average of more than 100 a day.

What Rebublican Lawmakers BESIDES the RINOS have you talked to?

Moreover, what good news? When? Cite chapter and verse! You can't. The WAPO would be sucked into a worm hole if it had printed just "one good story" over the last 3 years. Go ahead - help me out. Here, I'll help YOU out - try this out for some good news.

Cripes talk about "hit and run media"! By the way, who is killing those civilians in a "violent death" - come on you can say it - come on,


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