Sunday, July 16, 2006


BDS - "It's Bush's Fault"!

First, Time Magazine has Bush being despured and begging him to go it alone and go after North Korea, now Newsweak wants the same thing in regards to Israel. This time Michael Hirsh (Creator of BDS), continues his thread of last week. In essence: "It's all Bush's fault - Israel misbehaving and damn it and he'd better fix it!'

"The Bush team didn't see this one coming. Maybe it was simply that too many other volcanoes were erupting at the same time. Iraq was tipping closer to civil war, Iran was getting more brazen by the day and North Korea's missiles were roiling East Asia. The president, meanwhile, was preoccupied with what would likely be a testy G8 summit hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. True, the two top U.S. Mideast envoys—David Welch and Elliott Abrams—were in the region when hostilities began. But they had been reassured by Lebanese contacts that Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbullah leader, didn't plan to "stir things up" while Hamas and Israel contended over a kidnapped Israeli corporal, according to a senior U.S. diplomat who would divulge the details only if he remained anonymous. "You had six and a half years of, if not calm, basically a stable deterrence between Hizbullah and Israel," the official told NEWSWEEK. "I did not expect this at all."

I don't know who this so-called diplomat is, judging from Hirsh's sourcing past it could have been a clerk at DOS. But they're full of crap. Any smuck - even Joe Biden could have seen this coming (of course Biden sees all, knows all and does all - except his own writing). Did you think that with Hamas and Hizbullah rattling swords and their chief funder Iran getting jiggy, that no one saw this coming - that Israel would say "enough!"?

Hirsh goes on an almost hysterical rant about this being the "defining moment" of Bush's foreign policy and legacy. Gee, and and I thought you guys saw him as a maniacal chimp. It's that a lot to expect from such a "dolt"?

You can see what is happening here and its simple. It's just more of the same/lame Bush Derangment Sydrome which has by now gone into endless re-runs.

Of course it's not the thugs in Hamas or Hizbullah, or those "innocents in Lebonnon" who have been waging war - kidnapping and slaughering men, women and children, or blowing up school buses - no, they are not to be blamed. It has nothing to do with "On April 9, 2000, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared that Israel was a "cancerous body in the region . . . [which] must be uprooted." Like Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah added, for good measure: "Jews invented the legend of the Nazi atrocities." But rather than ostracize him, Kofi Annan became the first senior international leader to shake hands with the terror chief. His outreach did not moderate Hezbollah, but rather emboldened the group and endowed it with newfound prestige."*

And of course not Bill Clinton's "deal with the devil" that is actually the root cause of a lot of what we are seeing.

Nope! It's Bush's fault! But god forbid they put the blame on those poor terrorist that need "just a little understanding".

This is the "touchy feely" mentality that makes a murderous thug like Arafat get a hero's send off by our media when he finally croaked, or on a domestic level cries to save "Tookie" another murderous thug who now doing his time in the pit of hell.

Yeah, but I'll bet that was Bush's fault too.

*see here

UPDATE: More on the history of Hizbullah over at American Thinker.

UPDATE II: Think Progress displaying even more BDS. Absolutely clueless and yes, Rice is right again, any suggestion that Iraq = the current conflict is "Grotesque". Remember to the left America sucks, we're always wrong, Terrorist aren't thugs, they're just cuddly teddybears gone astray.

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