Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Bush Rising

Remember back in the February to May time frame the MSM was running polls every five minutes?

Well they're not doing it that too much these days, since there has been a sharp and consistant rise since Feb. Per Gallup:

"PRINCETON, NJ -- President George W. Bush's job approval rating has edged up slightly higher in Gallup's latest poll, and is now at 40% for the first since early February. The July 6-9 poll finds 40% of Americans approving and 55% disapproving of the job Bush is doing as president. After averaging 42% approval in January and early February, Bush's ratings began to decline in mid-February, ultimately dropping to his administration's low point of 31% in early May. Since that time, Bush's approval ratings have shown a slow, gradual improvement."

Check out Capt Ed's breakdown of the internals here

He also mentions the most accurate poll of the 2004 election, Rasmussen Reports has had Bush at over 40% for a while now. Readers will know that I'm not a "poll junkie", but I do find the hypocrisy of the media to be stunning.

You'll remember that I told you that the Administration has been moving with a plan "Bang of a Summer" and it IS working in spite of repeated salvos from the MSM and the rest of the nutty left to slow it down.

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