Thursday, July 13, 2006


Damned if you do or don't - doesn't matter when you have BDS

Uber liberal Bush hater Michael Hirsh actually wants Bush to put the Cowboy Hat back on.

"We probably don't have to rehash the problem with too much unilateralism, the subject of a Time magazine cover story this week, called "The End of Cowboy Diplomacy." The article arrives at a conclusion that most sentient beings reached long ago: the old Bush doctrine, involving preemptive strikes against rogue regimes, is over and done with, and so is the policy of acting without caring what the rest of the world thinks. But for the better part of Bush's second term—the last year and a half, in other words—the problem has been the opposite one. The issue now is not the unilateralism of yesterday, but the multilateralism of today. To wit: there's simply too much of it. And without decisive American action in dealing with the Mideast, Iran and North Korea, things can quickly spin out of control."

Whatever Hirsh. Cripes, do these doofs actually believe the words that come out of their hypocrisy?

Looks like it. Therapy man, serious therapy.


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