Court Watch - Gay marriage struck down in New York

Hitting the wires...

"ALBANY, N.Y. — New York's highest court ruled Thursday that gay marriage is not allowed under state law.

The Court of Appeals in a 4-2 decision rejected arguments from gay and lesbian plaintiffs throughout the state that their inability to get marriage licenses in New York violated their constitutional rights.

Judge Robert Smith said New York's marriage law is constitutional and clearly limits marriage to between a man and a woman. Any change in the law should come from the state Legislature, he said."

It's about time the lunacy was recognized for what it is. Let's hope this snowballs across the land.

UPDATE: Georgia follows suit. Howard dean plays the "bigot" card, what else, it's all the left knows, when they loose they hurl insults.

The Georgia ruling simply held up the will of Georgia residents who overwhelming voted for the ban. Oh, that's right, Demorats only think voting is important when they win and that, well, it hasn't happened in a while and....