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Gitmo does Geneva? Brilliant!

Don't freak out, this really isn't a big news story. The administration really couldn't tell the Supremes to go stuff it over their 5-3 decision (although I wanted them to). The key to understanding what the Administration has in the cards is in Press Secretary Snow's statement:

"Snow said efforts to spell out more clearly the rights of detainees does not change the president’s determination to work with Congress to enable the administration to proceed with the military tribunals, or commissions. The goal is “to find a way to properly do this in a way consistent with national security,” Snow said.

Snow said that the instruction manuals used by the Department of Defense already comply with the humane-treatment provisions of Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. They are currently being updated to reflect legislation passed by Congress and sponsored by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to more expressly rule out torture.

“The administration intends to work with Congress,” Snow said.

“We want to fulfill the mandates of justice, making sure we find a way properly to try people who have been plucked off the battlefields who are not combatants in the traditional sense,” he said.

“The Supreme Court pretty much said it’s over to you guys (the administration and Congress) to figure out how to do this,” Snow added. “And that is where this is headed.”

Just preliminary, now the Congress will have to show if they are anti-terror or not. Bush is going to force this into being an election issue, which in a word is Genius. With the massive terrorist related bombings in India today, it will be fun to see the posturing on the left now. Yep, just before the mid-terms, time to separate the sheep from the goats.

It looks like the Crawford Kid just called "Draw!"

See AJ Strata for details of the "Set Up".

Also see Hugh Hewitt about how well our policy of taking it to the terrorist where they live has kept us safe.

Btw, it also means "Geneva Conventions" for these pukes when caught.

UPDATE: Told you so: "The Senate is expected to take up legislation addressing the legal rights of suspected terrorists after the August recess - timing that would push the issue squarely into the election season." Imagine. As we head down the home stretch towards November, the Democrats will get cornered into either coming out FOR the terrorist (appeasing the Kos Kids), or be forced to adopt strong measures (which they are consitutionally incapable of). Either way they will continue to look weak and wishy-washy on National Defense, and thus weak on protecting and running the country. Again, it's NOT a bad thing - for now. You have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em, and know when to "bluff".

Sheep from the goats people, don't underestimate The Kid.

UPDATE II: Divided


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