The Horse's Ass

According to Michelle Malkin, this site, claims to have "knowledge" that Rumsfeld and Cheney gave permission to have their houses photographed by the Ny Times:

"A spokesperson for the Secret Service has told me that the New York Times article providing details about the homes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld is not a security threat, as many conservative commentators have been trying to argue.

Relatedly, Rumsfeld's spokesperson also confirmed to me that his office gave a Times photographer permission to photograph his home....

But I just got through talking with Hollen Wheeler, director of public affairs for Rumsfeld's office. She confirmed what Glenn Greenwald has reported -- that the photographer, Linda Spillers, had been granted permission to photograph Rumsfeld's house by Rumsfeld himself.

"She got approval to take a picture," Wheeler told me. "She called, we said fine, go take the picture. And that's it."

Wheeler also added of the picture: "It's already out in the public domain. I'm a little confused about why this has caused such an uproar." Wheeler declined to directly discuss the question of his security, saying that it was something they don't discuss as a rule. But she said: "Did it affect the Secretary's schedule in any way? No. Does it affect in any way how he does his business? No."

I also checked in with Jonathan Cherry, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, which guards Cheney. His first response was not direct. It was this:

As you can imagine, we would prefer less information than more in that regard. However, we take necessary steps to provide security wherever one of our protectees lives, and do our best to be as unobtrusive as possible to neighbors and the general public.

Then, when I asked him directly whether the story posed a security threat, Cherry emailed:

No, it is not a threat.

So there you have it. That should settle this, right?"

Wrong. Michelle's talking their word for it. I"m not. This only shows that there is no level that the left won't stoop including fabrication. First, while there is a "Cherry" who works as PAS, I doubt this Sargeant spoke to him personally. Fact is when you call the SS, you just don't get to rap with the spokesperson or any of the PA officers without a whole lot more clouth than a notorious Bush-bashing journalist - on a Fourth of July Weekend no less.

Incidently, Hollen Wheeler is out of the office for the long weekend, so I don't know who he talked to, but it wasn't her. Unless it was on secure.

Even if one could get through, there is no way either is going to comment on security issues (valid or otherwise) without a prepared press release (it's just the way things are done around there), and that PR would have already been posted So until I see a PR confirming this I'm not buying it.

Nice try.....Dano. Tom McGuire sees descrepancies as well.

Even if the story is so, what they did wasn't anything else but juvenile. Fact is that they were "firing yet another shot across the bow" - a "warning shot" and they know it. It won't work, the wheels are already turning.

Which means that none of this subtracts from the point that the Ny Times is in deep Kimchi and they know it. In the coming weeks, we'll all see it. The clowns at the NY Times know it too as all their back peddlings show.

UPDATE: The comical and hysterical Glenn Greenwald is demanding apologies (what's with these bafoons and apologies?) from Malkin and others. Greenwald is bringing up the point that the disclosures of the addresses had already been made, which Malkin has pointed out in her original post. To wit:

"Because neighbors are talking and because the Washington Post blabbed it already, right? And because al Qaeda already must have an inkling that Rumsfeld and Cheney live somewhere in the greater Washington, D.C. area, right? So what's the harm in handing them all the details, right?"

Again, the left doesn't get it, they dont' get national security which is why they don't win elections.