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Liberal Hypocrisy

Liberals are having a fit because:

"SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, a musician in his own right, helped secure the release of Atlanta R&B producer Dallas Austin from a United Arab Emirates jail after a drug conviction, the senator's office confirmed Saturday.

In a statement released through his staff, the conservative Republican said he was contacted by Austin's attorneys, then called the ambassador and UAE consul in Washington on Austin's behalf."

Lefty 'America' blog:

'What a bizarre story and with the exception of campaign contributions (yes, call me cynical) I can't even imagine how or why Hatch intervened to help music producer Dallas Austin get out of his conviction for drug possession in the United Arab Emerites. Whether Austin chooses to take drugs like cocaine is his own business but anyone who travels to other countries is, or at least should be, aware of the laws of the country. Many countries make it abundantly clear when you arrive and put a skull and crossbones with bold font "death to drug traffickers" on the landing card and while I have never traveled in the Middle East outside of Israel, I would have guessed that possession would not be viewed lightly.

All of that said, why Orrin Hatch? It sounds like he is on good terms with the UAE leadership but why was he so willing to use his own influence for a drug convict? So are there now exceptions with law and order conservatives if big money is involved? What's the connection here?"

Of course these same screamed bloody murder when convicted murderer Tookie Williams didn't get off although they and half of liberal Hollyweird went to bat for him.

Whether Hatch did the right or wrong thing, if it had been Senator Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama, you can bet it would have been hailed.


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