NSA - DOJ is beginning the process

It's time to rumble:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration is preparing a crackdown on intelligence leaks to the media and will try to pursue prosecutions in some recent cases, the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

Michigan Republican Rep. Peter Hoekstra also suggested some unauthorized leaks could have been deliberate attempts to help al Qaeda.

"More frequently than what we would like, we find out that the intelligence community has been penetrated, not necessarily by al Qaeda, but by other nations or organizations," he said.

"I don't have any evidence. But from my perspective, when you have information that is leaked that is clearly helpful to our enemy, you cannot discount that possibility," he added.

In recent months, two major intelligence operations were leaked to the media: the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program and the Treasury Department's tracking of international banking transactions.

"There will be a renewed effort by the Justice Department in a couple of these cases to go through the entire process ... so they can prosecute," Hoekstra said in a speech to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Justice Department officials were not immediately available for comment."

I will - it's coming, I told you so. Fact is that several ongoing investigations are finishing up and the DOJ is "feeling their oates", and are itching to begin the process.

As I've mentioned, new CIA director Micheal Hayden is storming the rafters to root out the malcontents wherever they are hiding. For those who thought the Porter Goss departure would signal a "return to normal", take this from the source - you are dead wrong. Look for a step of activity in the weeks to come. Remember, "when they least expect it".

UPDATE: those of little faith, forget the process is long and the road is hard that leads to victory. Per cousin: "Lost a few weeks of prep due to this, but things getting back up."