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Plame Game - Rounding the Curve

Been getting a lot of emails on this story by the "usual suspects" at the Ny Times. It surrounds a hitherto classified letter by Rep. Pete Hoekstra to President Bush. Of course was leaked to the Times(they are sure making the proscutor's job easier).

However, in the letter Hoekstra pulls no punches about what was at the heart of the Plame Game all along. He addresses those suspicions in the letter where he tells Bush of his displeasure of the {potential} rehiring of former DIO Stephen A. Kappes back to the CIA:

"I understand that Mr. Kappes is a capable, well-qualified, and well-liked former Directorate of Operations (DO) case officer. I am heartened by the professional qualities he would bring to the job, but concerned by what could be the political problems that he could bring back to the agency. There has been much public and private speculation about the politicization of the Agency. I am convinced that this politicization was underway well before Porter Goss became the Director. In fact, I have long been convinced that a strong and well-positioned group within the Agency intentionally undermined the Administration and its policies. This argument is supported by the Ambassador Wilson/Valerie Plame events, as well as by the string of unauthorized disclosures from an organization that prides itself with being able to keep secrets. I have come to the belief that, despite his service to the DO, Mr. Kappes may have been a part of this group. I must take note when my Democratic colleagues - those who so vehemently denounced and now publicly attacked the strong choice of Porter Goss as Director - now publicly support Mr. Kappes’s return."

Of course the fact that there was such a group as I have been telling you for over a year now. Additionally I also told readers to to relax on Kappes, as be assured that he would be read the riot act upon return. However, I've sinced learned that he might be back as "bait" as in "to catch a leaker".

Of coures one would think that this "revelation" of an "inside job" would be the big story, but nay, nay. Tom McGuire catches the irony in the Times story that concentrates NO time on this and instead refocuses on 'administrative disagreements" between Hoekstra's committee and the Administration - which is not a story.

Again, the Times seems to be getting themselves into a hole. Here's a twist. If Libby brings up this "rogue" angle in his defense - as Tom eludes to - it could bring the Valerie and Joe show into Federal Court and that would be an interesting show indeed, for it would reguire subpeneos of such Characters as Nicolas Kristoff, Walter Pincus, David Corn, to name a few. Imagine, the Libby trial could make the OJ trail look like traffic court!

Which makes me wonder, is this just all positioning by the Times because they can see the writing on the wall?

Hmmm, stay tuned.


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