Wilson on Keith Olbermann

AJ Strata caught the appearance and has the details.

"You can tell a lot about a ‘news story’ by the kind of media interest it attracts. Seems only a ratings desperate far lefty like Olbermann was interested in getting used by the Wilsons. I think much of the Wilsons problems with the media is no one trusts them anymore given all their lies and games they played on the media the first time around. Recall that Wilson was pushing the idea he had caught the administration used forrged intelligence to lie to American about the Iraqi risk, and that he had proof the intelligence was forged because he himself debunked it. All that turned out to be false (and likely lies) and the media learned the hard way not to trust what the Wilsons say - in general. So here we have two ratings desperate people on TV and we reap the results.

Discussion framed by Novak statement. The marginal difference of “Mrs Wilson” (the wife of Joe Wilson) vs “Ms Plame” as some big deal is really scraping for an issue. Mrs. Wilson was outed by the secret source (aka Armitage) so I am not impressed to say the least.

Wilson’s response is jumbled and silly. He claims he is not watching Novak’s comments - right. He claims Novak said in a phone call at the time he had a CIA source, then in the story mentioned two administration sources (which is all consistent). And when he asked Novak which it was he said he mispoke (confusing ’source’ with ‘confirmation source’). These marginal linguistic games only confuse those easily diverted by irrelevant facts. The question always plays on the definition of ’source’ and whether it includes the confirmation sources.

Wilson then goes on to claim Harlow used well known code words to explain Novak was going to expose Valerie in a dangerous way. I find that too funny. If Valerie was so classified Harlow would not have been able to initially confirm her analyst position with Novak and would have known to say nothing at all on the first call. That is also standard CIA procedure: neither confirm or deny truly covert information."

Read the rest. Just a re-note on Harlow. I told you back here he was full of crap as the suggestion that he had to "hang up" with Novak and call him back on Plame, when all he had to do was put her name into the computer on his desk.

Well like a lot of this made up story, I'll tell you now that this case hasn't a chance of getting near any jury, but then again it wasn't intended to.

UPDATE: In case we forgot, there was a time when Joe thought the Iraq War was a good idea. The age old question - "What changed"? I think that picture is beginning to come together.

Wilson is a liar, but the funny part is that he's not even close to a bad one.