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Don't count the Chickens....

The left is calling me names,....*sniff!*

"I don’t know why this popped into my head this morning — possibly because it’s turning out to be a lovely summer day — but as I sipped coffee and admired the aforementioned day through the window I remembered something. Last April a rightie blogger predicted “this is going to be a vindicating summer for supporters of the Bush Administration.”

The MSM is predictably trying to throw cold water on this new story as AJ Strata comments on the NY Times take. But the pure and simple fact is as I told you this is going to be a vindicating summer for supporters of the Bush Administration.

Well, it’s July 7. “Vindication summer” has been a bust so far.

The cause of last April’s optimism on the Right was the firing of Mary McCarthy from the CIA on allegations that she leaked classified information to reporter Dana Priest. Naturally the Right Blogosphere immediately declared McCarthy to be a traitor. But they were also very certain McCarthy’s would be just the first head to roll. They were supremely confident that the noggins of Larry Johnson, Ray McGovern, and the like would soon follow.

I guess they were wrong."

Oh really. Ye of little faith. McCarthy (as of last week) was still talking with DOJ investigators and singing quite loudly by the way (part of the deal she made to keep her pension and avoid the cage). Incidently, you are't hearing too much from the VIPS lately since Negroponte got the OK to pull pensions "money er..talks". Things take time, but the investigations are still ongoing, and in are nearing completion. More on that later.

Additionally, Senator Rockefeller isn't just recouping from a "backache", "sip your coffee" and read the leaves.

Things have changed considerably since last summer. In spite of MSM sniping and DNC blame-gaming, Bush's poll average is again above 40 and will continue to rise. This is the far cry from the teens it was imagined diving into last year. As mentioned in the Gallup poll American's are more sure of Bush's position on Iraq than of the no plan of the Democrats, again that is not at a good payback for their efforts over the last year or so.

Fact is that over the last six months Democrats have come up on the short end of public opinion, whether it is cowardly Murtha calling for cut and run and failing, and thus allowing the Democrats to divide and sound more confused and disjointed on Iraw, to Joe Biden insulting Indians and Howard Dean throwing "bigot fits", to "Dollar Bill" Jefferson ever widening troubles, to two key rulings on Gay Marriage yesterday that will set the stage for banning this farse across the country, things are decidedly better for the Right and will continue to improve throughout the summer. Fact is that Bush and the GOP are in better shape than they have in a long time.

Then there is now the undisputed damage the NY Times has done to our National Security as AJ Strata points out today, in yet another twarting of a terrorist plot within our borders.

Will that be one lump or two?

UPDATE: Looking Good!


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